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Ready to bring home your...

very own Savannah cat? Here are some things to keep in mind while preparing for your new kitten to arrive!


Savannah proofing your home:

Prepare a room for your Savannah kitten in your house where your kitten can stay and transition during the first 2 weeks. Make sure in the small room you have a litter box, food, (keep dry food out at all times and feed wet food for meals), and water. A cat tree is great because it gives them something to scratch, somewhere to sleep, and an area to climb. (Do not let your kitten have string, ribbon, foil, or any small toys with pieces that are easily detached. These things are all choking hazards). Use outlet plug protectors to make sure they don't get their claws into an outlet. Keep cleaners, medications, poisons, mouse traps, and anything that could be poison to your kitty locked up. Be careful of electrical chords because Savannahs LOVE to chew! Remember, these majestic little creatures are related to the African Serval, they act more like dogs than cats. I prefer to buy those indestructible dog toys for my Serval and Savannah. My F2 chewed up all the fake plants in my house. I would repeatedly spray arrangements with bitter bite spray that you use for dogs, with emphasis on REPEATEDLY! Any valuables such as vases, breakable statues, and wall hanging decor you will want to put up once your kitten is big enough to jump. Nothing is off limits for these little guys. They are super curious and very athletic. I am even careful about where I put my earrings down because I caught Athena with one in her mouth once! If you have any questions at all we would love to connect with you! Please click the contact button below and send us any further questions you may have!

financing available

If you need financing options are set up with PayPal, which allows six months with no interest. Contact Us if you have any questions!

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